Directions to the Kings' Summer Home

5 Palisades East
Brant Lake, NY
(518) 615-9573

Map to King's Camp
From Albany:
  1. I87 north to Exit 25 (Chestertown/Loon Lake/Brant Lake).
  2. Turn right onto Rt. 8 East. At this point you are about 7½ miles from your destination.
  3. Continue over a bridge, eventually passing a dam and then along the lake outlet stream to the south end of the lake. (Ignore the Palisades Rd. sign at this point.)
  4. Continuing on Rt 8, follow the lake east shore to the north end of the lake. (This is a 5 mile serpentine route that will take 15-20 minutes to drive.) You are getting close when you slow for a somewhat downhill tight left-then-right S-turn followed by a long open grassy area on the right.
  5. Turn left onto Palisades Road. (You'll also see a prominent BSA - Camp Read sign. After dark also look for a street light.)
  6. Since most people are now using navagation devices, you've probably had no problem getting this far. However, the final stretch can be problematic, given that we live an a "road" that is actually a single lane unpaved shared driveway which remains unknown to many mapping programs. Turn left onto the second driveway, marked with a (leaning) Palisades East street sign, about 100 yards.
  7. Drive in about 100', bear left at the fork, and our house is immediately on the left, set below the road. Pull into the driveway and park behind the house.