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“Most people are not emotionally equipped to make rational investment decisions.”

Quote from a forgotten author

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My Absolutely Favorite Book On Investing

The Four Pillars of Investing, by William Bernstein, McGraw-Hill, 2002

This book builds a solid case, based on academic studies, that by far the best way to make money is to use the non-macho investment strategy of index funds. The book is clearly written and I find it incredibly useful. You might want to start out near the end at Chapter 13, the beginning of the practical application of the information earlier in the book. You will then be seduced into reading much of the earlier chapters.

A Much, Much Simpler Book on Investing By the Same Author

If You Can, by William Bernstein, 2014

The first paragraph of this 15 page phamplet:

Would you believe me if I told you that there's an investment strategy that a seven-year-old could understand, will take you fifteen minutes of work per year, outperform 90 percent of finance professionals in the long run. and make you a millionaire over time?

Beleive him, and read it here

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