Marius King

Marius & Winna

Marius (a.k.a. Mike) King was born in Poughkeepsie NY in 1973. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the State University at Albany with a major in Archeology, and spent numerous summers "digging and sifting" at various sites in the Northeast.

After completing a MA degree in Ancient Religions at the University of South Carolina, he opted for a career change, and remained in South Carolina to obtain a Master's in Information Science.

He is employed as a System Administrator, maintaining UNIX servers for the midtown Internet company Interactiveone LLC, “Your digital connection to Black America”.

In 2003 he married Winna Capowski. Winna has a MA degree in Library & Information Science, and is currently employed by the New York Academy of Medicine Library. They live in Garrison, NY.