Tamari Almonds
1 lb    unblanched almonds (almonds with skins on)  
3   tablespoons tamari soy sauce  
1/4 tsp    onion powder  
1/8 tsp    garlic powder  
1/8 tsp    natural hickory smoke seasoning  
1 Spread almonds on a cookie sheet and bake in preheated 350 oven for about 12 minutes. Almonds should be toasty brown on the inside.
2 Empty hot almonds into large bowl and immediately pour tamari over them. (If using optional spices, mix spices and tamari sauce in bowl, then add almonds.) Toss almonds in the tamari until well coated. They will hiss and steam. Keep stirring until liquid coats the nuts.
3 Spread nuts on cookie sheet and return to oven with door partially open until dry, stirring once, about an hour. Can be stored in a covered container for up to two months.
Ready in: 1 hour
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