Vegetable Beef Soup
1/2 lb    lean ground beef  
1/4 cup    onion, finely chopped  
1/4 cup    sweet red peppers, finely chopped  
1   large carrot, finely chopped  
1/2 Tbs    garlic, minced  
5   large mushrooms, sliced  
1   16 oz. can chopped tomatoes  
1 1/2   cans beef broth  
1   large potato, peeled and cut into small dice  
1   small zucchini, diced  
1/2 tsp    basil  
1/4 tsp    thyme  
1/2 tsp    sweet paprika  
1/4 tsp    crushed red pepper flakes  
  freshly ground black pepper to taste  
1 Place ground beef and chopped onion in a heavy 3 quart saucepan and cook over medium high heat, stirring occasionally, until meat is browned and crumbly.
2 Add sweet red pepper and carrots as they are chopped. Stir in minced garlic and mushrooms and cook just until onion has softened, about 2 minutes.
3 Stir in chopped tomatoes and beef broth. Bring to a boil. Meanwhile, dice the potato and add when finished. Cook over medium high heat, 5-8 minutes.
4 Stir in diced zucchini, basil, thyme, paprika, black and crushed red pepper.. Continue cooking about 2 minutes, until potatoes are done and zucchini is crisp tender
Servings: 4
Ready in: 45 minutes
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