Our Winter Home

Our winter home

Summers at the lake are close to paradise. However, the limited choices of restaurants and activities during the winter, along with considerations for the future, led us in 2011 to the decision to return to being a two house family. The location we choose for our new home is Queensbury, NY, a community only 45 minutes south of the lake, where we currently do most of our shopping during the summer, and have friends. For the foreseeable future the house will be only used during the winter months. However, we are also preparing for the time when we are less physically capable, and thus chose a single story, single family unit in a small townhouse development with an association that provides many services. This puts us very close to shopping and medical facilities, and provides plenty of activities to keep us busy.


This is "the house that IKEA built." As opposed to the Rustic Victorian look of our lake home, for contrast we wanted to furnish this house in a contemporary style similar to our Poughkeepsie home of old. IKEA furniture was a perfect match for both our tastes and frugality. While there are questions about it's durability, we've decided that it is probably at least as durable as we are, and thus a good match.


It took a trailer and four 10-hour round trip drives to the closest store, in New Jersey, to fill the house with furniture, kitchen ware, and decorative accessories. Fortunately we both enjoy the challenges of assembly, and are very satisfied with our hard-earned results.

Master bedroom

Our current schedule finds us heading south in early November and returning to the lake in early May.